Reading Lessons from Vacation

Hi guys!  I’m back.  We had a really good time in Kill Devil Hills.  I’d recommend the Outer Banks of North Carolina to anyone.  There’s so much to see and do. April is a nice time to go because it’s before the real season begins, and things aren’t as crowded and lodging isn’t as expensive.  We drove from our home in Tennessee, and it was a LONG drive.  Took us about 10.5 hours going over there and about 10 coming back.  Even factoring in the drive time, I’d still love to go back some day. There are things we didn’t get to do, like see the wild horses in Corolla, or go to the Cape Hatteras lighthouse.

One thing I didn’t do much of during our stay was read.  I learned something about myself – don’t bring so many books and don’t bring heavy books!  My concentration for reading was ZILCH.  All told I read about 70 pages of Shirley Jackson’s Hangsaman.  (Really good so far, by the way.)  We were so active during the day that at my son’s nap time and at bedtime I was zonked and fell asleep super fast.  So there you are!  I sort of had a vacation from reading.  I admit, it was kind of nice.  I think my brain needed a break from that sort of stimulation.  Next time I’m packing some magazines and a mystery or crime thriller.

So, now that I’m back, it’s time to catch up – what’s everyone reading now? Anything good?


4 thoughts on “Reading Lessons from Vacation

  1. Glad you had such a nice time! Unless you know you will have lots of downtime, vacations don’t usually promote reading in my experience. But that’s ok. It’s good to shake things up now and then!


  2. When I drive from Savannah to Virginia I see the road signs for the Outer Banks. One day, I’ll take a detour. And although I always have something to read with me, when you’re on vacation there are probably other things to do that are more fun (unless you’re in a beach chair).


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