My Son’s Current Favorite Book

My son had a birthday yesterday!  He’s four years old, and I truly can hardly believe it.  There’s a quote I heard somewhere, that says “The days are long, but the years are short.”  I totally get that since having my little guy.  Some days seems to last forever, but before you know it he will be in kindergarten!

My husband and I have read to him since birth.  We’re both readers ourselves (Hubby reads mostly non-fiction)  and we wanted to introduce Little Man to the joys of reading from the get-go.  He took to it right away, it seemed.  We still read at every nap time and every bedtime.  When I get home he’ll often ask, “Did you bring me some new books?”  I LOVE that he enjoys reading.  I hope it stays that way for the rest of his life!

He’s already reading independently, which blows me away.  He needs help with big words, but it amazes me what he can sound out.  And once we’ve read a book a few times together, he’s got the thing memorized.

I thought from time to time I’d highlight some of his favorite books.  There are SO MANY great picture books out there that deserve to be shared and celebrated!

Right now he’s loving this:

IMG_1917Tools Rule! by Aaron Meshon.

He’s a tool guy, just like his Dad.  But there’s a lot to like about this picture book even if your little guy or gal isn’t tool-crazy.  Brightly colored illustrations, anthropomorphized tools, and humorous, pun-ny dialogue (just what little kids like) make this a great read-aloud.

My son’s favorite page.

The tools are all scattered about the messy yard, until T-Square decides to organize everyone.  They work together to build themselves a shed, so there’s a nice theme of cooperation throughout.  It introduces kids to some tools they may not know about (I don’t even know what an awl does!) so their vocabularies may expand!

The mower says, “Looks sharp!”

My son likes this so much, more than once he’s asked us to begin again right after we’ve finished reading it.  That’s the mark of a winner!  So check out Tools Rule!

2 thoughts on “My Son’s Current Favorite Book

  1. happy birthday to your little guy! The tool book looks awesome. At that age my son loved Again, by Emily Gravett and the Gruffalo. My husband is not at all into DIY, maybe that’s why wild creatures get all the points. Has yours try them already?


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