Books My Son Likes: FROODLE by Antionette Portis

My son is in love with another book – the very funny and adorable Froodle by Antionette Portis.  It’s about what happens when one little brown bird decides she’s tired of saying “Peep,” and wants to say something silly instead, like “Froodle Sproodle!”  The other birds, Crow, Cardinal, and Dove, aren’t too sure about this departure from the norm, especially Crow.  IMG_2255But as silliness is often infectious, soon the other birds start to get in on the fun.

IMG_2256The bright and cheerful illustrations are a treat, but the great fun of this book is in the reading aloud, saying all the nonsense words.  My four-year old is a huge fan of nonsense words.  Heck, I am too!  He likes this book so much that he sometimes reads it out loud to himself, and if I read it to him he often wants me to begin again right after we’ve just finished.  A sure-fire winner in our household.  We have enjoyed previous picture books by Antionette Portis, like Not a Box, and Not a Stick.  She’s one picture book author and illustrator to put on your radar, and someone from whom I will eagerly anticipate a new offering.


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