Big Reading Life Quarterly Report #3

Some lighter reading material that made me super happy recently! I adored “Felicity!”

So the end of September/start of October was crazy, as I’ve written about before.  I realized that I didn’t do my quarterly report.  I like taking stock of the reading I’ve been doing, and seeing how I’m meeting my reading goals for the year (or not.)  So even though it’s October 21, here goes Quarterly Report #3 (July, August, September):

This was a very good reading quarter.  I feel like I’m (unintentionally) striking a good balance between male/female authors, fiction and nonfiction (for me anyway,) and also making good progress on my goal of reading more works by people of color.  11 works by POC so far, as opposed to 7 for all of last year.  I do feel as if my life has been enriched by being more intentional about what I select.

I hope you all are meeting your reading goals for the year, and if you’re not, I hope you don’t feel guilty about it!  Life is too short for reading guilt!


2 thoughts on “Big Reading Life Quarterly Report #3

  1. That sounds like a very good quarter. I like the idea of doing quarterly reports. My reading life has been pretty satisfying lately, although I frequently feel overwhelmed by all the books I want to read but can’t get to. I often wish I could read faster, although I’m not sure that would be satisfying either.


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