Reorganizing The Bookshelves

This week has been weird.  I was off for MLK Day on Monday, worked Tuesday, and then… snow!  In East Tennessee things generally start to shut down if there’s an inch of snow on the ground.  We just can’t handle it. We got about 3 inches with the first snow storm, Ilias.  The library system was closed Wednesday and Thursday.  My branch is always closed Friday.  And the system closed again today for snow (we got just a little of Winter Storm Jonas – about an inch or two in the Knoxville area.)  Let’s just say I’ve had a lot of time this week to look at my humble abode. I’ve realized something – my bookshelves are a mess, and it’s getting on my nerves.

One of my problems is simply limited space.  We have a tiny house.  I have two main bookshelves, one in the hallway and one in the living room.  (I am not counting my bedroom bookshelf, which also functions as a nightstand.)  In both, books currently share space with board games, and the hallway shelves contain DVD, CDs, and most of our photo albums too.

Hot mess hallway shelf.

I know that I need to streamline framed photos, hang some up on the walls and take some down permanently. So with all that said, I need a book organizing system.

The hallway bookshelf is just a damn mess, I freely admit.  Books are crammed every which way, with no rhyme or reason (although the bottom shelf consists mostly of my husband’s and little boy’s books.)  In the living room shelf, I’ve got a rainbow thing going on, along the ROYGBIV color scheme.  (Although I seem to have as many black and white covers as anything else.)  I am realizing that my nature craves more order than this.  I am leaning towards going with an alphabetical by author system.

Rainbow shelf.

Trying to get ideas, I googled “how to organize your bookshelves.”  I took a quiz on Epic Reads about how to organize one’s bookshelf and my result was “Height.”

Organize your books by height and your shelf will look like the growth chart on the wall of your childhood home. Watch proudly as your bookshelf grows taller and taller, and reminisce on the times it was only “yea high.” In no time, you’ll realize how far your book collection has come.

I’m guessing my answers were a bit…whimsical?  I don’t really even understand this answer!

Alright, blogger friends.  I need your help.  I want to know how you organize your own bookshelves… by color?  Alphabetically by author?  By genre or subject?  Dewey Decimal system?  Or some other method?  I’m all ears.




10 thoughts on “Reorganizing The Bookshelves

  1. My mom made me OCD about books being organized by height and now I’m stuck. The only other thing I do is separate by books first by fiction, non-fiction, and mystery books. Then I shelve by height. I looks pretty neat and streamlined.

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      1. Tall to short and then tall again. It looks like an upside down arch. With the space created in the middle by short books, I stack more books lengthwise. Get the most space out of a shelf.

        I agree with Jenny. I love touching my books and staring at them and knowing where everything is. Book knurds we are. 🙂

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  2. Ugh, I always sound illiterate when I comment, hahaha! It’s the tiny box. I can’t go back and reread.

    P.S. It’s the same way in Texas when it snows. Shut it down! How cozy, though. Hope you had some extra reading time.

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  3. I organize by genre and then alpha by author within each genre. I will say, though, that I once had my books organized (this was years ago) from left to right by how much I loved them / could not live without them. It was the easiest I ever had it finding books when I wanted them.

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  4. I have my books organized by genre and then alpha by author. But I have some exceptions for instance all books about Virginia Woolf are shelved with my books by Woolf. Have fun organizing!


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