The TBR Triple Dog Dare, One Month In

It’s February 1st!  Wasn’t it just Christmas?!  I’ve got one month of the TBR Triple Dog Dare Challenge under my belt, two months to go.  I’ve read three of my own books (Housebound, The Progress of Love, and Song of Solomon,) and one library book that was a built-in exception since I’d had it on hold for a while (Career of Evil.)  I have to say, being new to this particular reading challenge, that it’s harder than I expected.  Maybe if I didn’t work in a library and see all these new, shiny books (and simply new-to-me books) coming in and out right under my nose everyday it would be easier.  How they tempt me!

Last year I managed to read quite a few books published in 2015 and it felt really good to be in on the current book conversation.  I’ve realized that as much as I like to delve into the backlist, and I do, I really enjoy keeping up with books that will probably be on the end-of-year “Best Of” lists.  I’ve got a list going and will dive into some new releases as soon as April 1 rolls around!

So, if I’m reading the books I bought myself with my own money, why do I feel so constrained?  Perhaps I just don’t like being having limits on my reading.  It makes sense. I hate being told what to eat (or not to eat,) hence my inability to adhere to any weight-loss diet.  These books have been good – and in the case of Song of Solomon, truly great – but maybe I’m just in the mood for other things.

I willingly signed up for the Dare as a way to deal with these books on my shelf.  I need to read them sometime, right?  Alternately, if I decide I really don’t want to read them, I need to just let them go and find the right readers who will appreciate them.  Maybe my reading tastes have changed since I’ve bought some of them.  In any case, I’m going to see this Dare through.  I’m learning too much about my reading process to give up.  It’s sort of an eye-opener.

Do you enjoy completing reading challenges?  Or do you tend to shy away from them?  Let me know your thoughts.



4 thoughts on “The TBR Triple Dog Dare, One Month In

  1. I agree 100% with you! I am a mood reader, which makes being in a bookclub difficult sometimes. I might not be in the “mood” to read the club pick (sometimes even if I picked it) by the time we’ve agreed to start.

    I am a great starter of reading challenges, but I stink at following through. I’ve learned that I am a completely emotional reader, which explains why I always found assigned reading difficult in school even if I ended up loving the book by the end of the process.

    Good topic! You can do it! But! Reading is supposed to be fun, so if you feel yourself slipping a little…I say bend the rules. 🙂

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  2. I have never attempted a TBR challenge for the very reasons you mention. I choose books by mood and sometimes I am just not in the mood for what is on hand. Also, like you, I hate putting constraints on my reading and being told what to do. It makes me grumpy. Good job sticking with the challenge though!

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