Middlemarch Readalong: Join Me!

cover_imageSo I’m joining Juhi at Nooks and Crannies for a readalong of George Eliot’s Middlemarch!  If you’re curious and you want to see the schedule you can read about it here.   I like how she’s breaking it down into two weeks per section.  There are eight sections in the novel, so it will be a nice pace, not rushed.  That’s good, because I intend to continue with other reading on the side!  I began reading Middlemarch earlier this year but set it aside to get book group reading and Reading Ireland Month reading done first.  This is a reread (I read it in college,) but it’s been so long that the novel is kind of fresh for me.  If you’ve not read it in a long time, or you’ve never read it, please join us!  I know it’s a BIG BOOK, but don’t let that stop you.  We’re in this together!  We begin tomorrow with the Prelude and Book One!


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