Top Ten Tuesday: My Blossoming Spring TBR

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic, hosted by the Broke and Bookish, is the Top Ten Books on Your Spring TBR.  This post could practically write itself.  My life feels like one giant TBR pile at the moment.  As soon as I finish my book group book, Super Sad True Love Story by Gary Shteyngart, I’m going to jump into one of the books from my list.  (I’m also reading/listening to Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic, just started the graphic novel Fables Vol. 1: Legends in Exile, and am ramping up for the Middlemarch readalong.)  My list is comprised of both books that I know I will read in the next couple of months, and books I might read in the next couple of months.  I want to save room for random reading whimsy!

  1. Mr. Splitfoot by Samantha Hunt.  Now that I’ve abandoned the TBR Dare, I am eager to dive into some 2016 titles!  This one sounds so good!9780544526709
  2.  And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie.  It’s time for a good mystery to clear my reading palate.  This is a Christie I’ve never read before.
  3. High Rising by Angela Thirkell.  Jenny at Shelf Love has written about this series, and it sounds right up my Anglophile alley.  This is the first, but there are 29 in the series!
  4. American Housewife: Stories by Helen Ellis.  Described as “A sharp, funny, delightfully unhinged collection of stories set in the dark world of domesticity.”  Yes, please!
  5. The Nest by Cynthia Sweeney.  I.  Love.  Family.  Sagas.  25781157
  6. The Case of the Time Capsule Bandit (Randi Rhodes Ninja Detective #1) by Octavia Spencer.  I also feel the need for some fun middle grade fiction.
  7. The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster.  More middle grade fun.  I reread this in 2007 and think I need to reread it again.  It’s a favorite.
  8. Your Heart is a Muscle the Size of Your Fist by Sunil Yapa.  Highly recommended by Taryn at Reading With Hippos.  Looks powerful.6277227
  9. White is For Witching by Helen Oyeyemi.  Gothic-fantasy-magical-realism-goodness.  I’ve read one Oyeyemi before (Boy Snow Bird) and need to read more.
  10. Overwhelmed: Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time by Brigid Schulte.  Non-fiction. Hopefully it will have some insights on reclaiming time!

I will read these by the end of the year if I don’t get them all read in the next few months.  Have you read any of these?  What are you looking forward to reading this Spring?



25 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: My Blossoming Spring TBR

  1. I just finished All the birds in the sky by Charlie Jane Anders. !! Strongly recommend, and I’d love to hear what you think about it. Basically a love story between magic and science, post-apocalyptic but light.

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    1. Sarah, this is on my TBR. I think they mentioned it on the Books on the Nightstand podcast recently, and gave it high marks. Just put it on hold at the library but I’m number 15 so it’ll be a little while. Thanks for reading!

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