Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Bookish Twitter People

I love Twitter.  And I kind of hate it too.  I took it off of my phone during Lent, because I felt like I was wasting too much time on the internet and it wasn’t time well spent.  (I still occasionally checked it on my computer, but for some reason it’s not as addictive as on my phone.  Portability?)  I still haven’t put it back on my phone, and that’s okay, because if I check it once or twice a day that’s plenty.

But I do love it, because I follow some of the coolest people on earth, and they say some really funny, witty, insightful things. I find that authors and bookish people are very responsive on Twitter, which is cool. So this week’s The Broke and Bookish Top Ten Tuesday topic is a really fun one for me.  I want to share my favorite bookish Twitter people and I want to hear about yours!  I thought I’d share a random tweet from my picks just to give you a flavor of what you might be missing.

Me at lunch with my mom: “You know Twilight?” Her: “No.” Me: “Books, movies? Vampires?” Her: “No.” Me: “Girl loves a vampire?” Her: “No.”

Trump is insane! Cruz more terrifying every debate! And … and … and … ok, I’m not actually watching that shit, just guessing.

I literally just had to explain to an adult relative that just because something is on the internet doesn’t mean it’s true

I hate when you’re writing, typing away on your iPad, and your little muffin top rolls upwards and starts trying to get in on the act

gonna start responding to all comments calling me reverse racist with “nah”

These are all kind of goofy tweets, but that’s what I love about Twitter.  It’s a place where funny, smart people can shine.  I’m cutting off my list at five bookish people, but there are many others who I follow and enjoy, like Neil Gaiman, Stephen King, Mat Johnson, Celeste Ng, Saeed Jones, Maureen Johnson, Roxane Gay, and Megan Mayhew Bergman.  So, tell me – who else should I be following?  Do you use Twitter?  Or is there another social media platform you enjoy more?



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