Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Delights

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic, hosted by The Broke and The Bookish, is Top Ten Bookworm Delights.  I really like this topic – it is sure to be filled with things we all might be able to identify with as voracious readers.  But there are sure to be unique spins on it as well, and things that don’t really hit our own bookish buttons.  So here are some of the bookish delights that give this passionate book nerd joy.

  • Owning a signed copy of a favorite book with a personal message.  I was lucky enough to attend a book talk and signing by the amazing Jess Walter in 2013.  He’s one of my top five favorite authors.  I got to briefly speak with him at the signing, and told him that my book group book for the month was his Beautiful Ruins, and that it was the second time I’d be reading it.  He graciously seemed to appreciate my gushing and wrote this inside my book:IMG_3276 “For Laila – Thanks for reading – twice.  Best wishes. Jess Walter.”
  • Visiting bookstores and/or libraries when on vacation.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who looks up bookstores on TripAdvisor along with restaurants and attractions, right?
  • Looking at my newly reorganized bookshelves.  I wrote earlier this year about my messy bookshelves.  They’re still kind of messy, since I store games and DVD there too, but at least the books are separated into fiction and nonfiction/poetry, on two different sets of shelves.  Alphabetical by author.  I like feeling more organized.
  • Marking a book “read” on my Goodreads shelves.  I am hopelessly addicted to Goodreads.  It satisfies all my list-loving cravings.  Shelving the recently finished book into multiple shelves (and adding it to the annual list of What Women Born in the 1970s Have Read This Year) makes me ridiculously happy.
  • My Eat Sleep Read mug from Malaprops.  I love Malaprops, a fantastic independent bookstore in Asheville, North Carolina.  On a trip there last fall with my husband, I snagged a fabulous bright red mug that has EAT SLEEP READ on one side and the store logo on the other side.  It makes me happy every morning when I drink my coffee.mug
  • My Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice tote.  I bring this to work every day and it’s a wonderful, beautiful upgrade from my previous market tote bag.  You can peruse Out Of Print’s bookish tote bag collection here.
  • Still owning and rereading your copy of an old childhood favorite.  My childhood copy of The Westing Game  by Ellen Raskin is still in decent shape after all these years.  I reread it a couple of years ago and it’s still BRILLIANT.  I also listened to the audio and it’s fun too.  I’m glad I managed to hang on to this one.IMG_3277
  • When a child or parent tells me that a book that I recommended for the child was a winner.  I am a Senior Assistant at a small library branch, and we are less than a mile from an elementary school, so we get a lot of kids in here.  Just today a parent told me that the books I’ve recommended for her daughter have turned out to be great choices, and that always makes me feel like I’m doing something worthwhile.  I will do anything to help foster a child’s interest in reading!
  • Bookstore gift cards for birthdays/holidays.  Because I clearly do not have enough books, right?  (Ha ha!)
  • That wonderful moment when you finish one book and haven’t yet chosen your next one. This might be my favorite bookish delight of them all.  The possibility!  The bounty!  It’s always an exciting moment for me. Only a true book nerd will understand.

So tell me, friends,  what are some of your own bookish delights?  Did any of mine resonate with you?

24 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Delights

  1. I have gotten more book personally signed in the past 6 months than in the rest of my life! Hah. I go to book signing events any chance I get now. I especially appreciate it when the author has a great signature..not so much when the handwriting is chickenscratch. !

    I thought I was the only one who got an intense rush from marking a book as “read” on my Goodreads shelf. I’m hopelessly addicted to increasing my number of books read, not just in general, but specifically on Goodreads!

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  2. The Goodreads one definitely resonates! As does the gift card – it’s that feeling of endless possibilities opening up! In fact, the anticpation is so great, it’s almost sad to actually spend the thing… 😉

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    1. Yes! I save it and save it, make lists and re-make them until they are just right before spending my gift cards. And then it’s sad when the whole process is over. I start counting down the days until my next one. 🙂

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  3. Heh I love marking books read on GR as well 🙂 I spend too much time there adding to the tbr as well.
    Also yes to the bookshop tourist thing. I prefer city vacations and have to admit that lots of sights I put on my list are bookish 😀
    Something small that makese happy: having a complete set of a.series that matches.

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  4. Such a lovely list! I am also addicted to GR. I really think it’s what’s turned me into a consistent reader – I used to read plenty before, but over the years, as I’ve started doing the challenges and connecting up with others, I’ve been reading substantially more.

    And – the parent/child – LOVE. There’s teacher equivalents of this that are some of the best perks of my job 🙂

    Also – your mug is awesome!

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  5. SO many of these resonated with me! Still owning copies of my childhood favorites is one of my favorite things — I love the feeling of continuity, like when I am rereading it I am also simultaneously experiencing all the past versions of myself who read this exact book.

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  6. Many of these resonate with me! I always have to check out the used book stores when we’re traveling, even if they are always the same ones. The only sad thing about bike camping is that there is no room for books! Luckily we only do that once a year.
    I think I could stare at my shelves all day, messy or not. I can’t get enough of them. I think my kids think I’m losing it. Especially when I’m in the middle of creating a book spine poem.
    The last one on your list is such a great feeling. The possibilities are endless!

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