I’m Back!

Ah, home sweet home.  Traveling is wonderful, but the unique pleasures of being home are something special.  Little things, like my own (firmer) bed, my (palmetto bug-free) shower, my favorite coffee mug, my slightly insane and moody cat… I am so glad we went, but I’m glad we’re now home.

Happy Beach Faces!

We went to Folly Beach, South Carolina.  It’s about fifteen to twenty minutes from downtown Charleston.  We’d been to Charleston before, but never stayed on Folly.  It’s got the greatest laid-back vibe.  There’s a little strip of cafes, restaurants, bars, and shops in the center of town (appropriately on Center Street) and a beautiful, long fishing pier jutting out in the middle.  There are a few hotels right near the pier, but mostly there are houses for rent – some gigantic and new, some small and delightfully ramshackle.  Our rental was decidedly the latter.  It was funky and cute and kind of a throwback to what beach houses used to be, at least in my imagination.  The best thing about it was the public beach access one house down and across the street.  We were at the beach in less than five minutes!

Our sweet little ramshackle rental house.

We had four full days there, and spent a few hours on the beach each day.  It was warm and mostly sunny most days, and the beach was not crowded at all down where we were.  Few things make me happier than feeling the sun and wind on my skin and hearing and watching the waves roll in and out. Happy Laila Beach Face was in full effect over the four and a half days!  IMG_3391My four year old son was thrilled with standing waist-deep in the ocean and letting it hit him over and over.  Digging for “treasure” was another of his favorite pursuits.

One day we found some cool tide pools further down the beach.IMG_3386

If you ever get the chance to go to Charleston, try to stay on Folly.  The vibe is funky but not sketchy, there are some truly yummy places to eat, a cool pirate-themed playground, and it was surprisingly quiet down at the end of the island where we were.  After a self-imposed week of no Twitter, no TV, no Goodreads, and no book blogs, I’ve got a lot of catching up to do!  (It was a nice media break, I have to admit.)  I missed reading your blog posts, though!  I am excited to see all that I’ve missed.


Looking back at Folly from the end of the pier.













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