Two Year Blogiversary!

Two years ago today I made one of my best decisions ever – to begin this book blog!  I can’t even tell you how rewarding and enriching it has been to me, although I suspect you may know this feeling if you’ve been blogging a while!  I didn’t know who, if anyone, would read my posts, or take the time to offer comments.  I just knew I wanted to put something out there (initially for myself) as a way to honor my passion for reading.  I couldn’t have imagined the wonderful bookish community that was waiting for me.

My  son’s birthday cake this year – I didn’t make it!

You guys are just the coolest people!  I never knew this kind, intelligent, thoughtful pocket of the internet existed.  I am honored to be among you all in my own little way. Though I may go through phases where I doubt what I have to say about books and reading, and I may hide for a few days or weeks, when I return you are all there with your supportive and considerate comments.  So if you are reading this right now, please know that I am deeply thankful for you!  And I hope that we all may enjoy a New Year of engaging, fun, meaningful reading and conversation together.

Hmm, I think this occasion calls for some celebratory cake!  Happiest of New Years to you all!


26 thoughts on “Two Year Blogiversary!

  1. Hiya, new to your blog, and happy blogiversary! That is a lot of time spent blogging 🙂 I also never figured that this community exists. You learn about it so slowly, even when you think you know, you don’t really 🙂

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  2. I was beaming reading this post because I agree with it SO HARD. Book bloggers are the loveliest bunch of people, and I remain so happy and grateful for all the amazing people I’ve encountered in my (oh God so many) years of book blogging. Also all the book recs. So. Many. Book recs.

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