BRL Quarterly Report # 8

@thiskitschHere we are, into the third quarter of the year already!  How did that happen?  My son starts school again in about two weeks!  This year is flying by.  Time to write about the reading I’ve done the past three months.

Books Read: 20

Fiction: 19

Nonfiction: 1 (Lauren Graham’s memoir Talking As Fast As I Can)

Audio: 4 (LG’s memoir, Sense and Sensibility (read by Juliet Stevenson!  So good!,) Wonder by R.J. Palacio, and The Watsons Go to Birmingham 1963 by Christopher Paul Curtis.

Juvenile/Middle Grade:  2  (Wonder and Watsons)

YA/Teen:  3 (Anne of Green Gables, Anne of Avonlea, and The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Vol 3: Squirrel, You Really Got Me Now by Ryan North and Erica Henderson.)

Graphic Novels:  1 (Squirrel Girl)

Authors of Color:  6 (Exit West, John Crow’s Devil by Marlon James, The Book of Unknown Americans by Cristina Henriquez, No One Is Coming To Save Us by Stephanie Powell Watts, Watsons, A Tale For The Time Being by Ruth Ozeki)

Published in 2017:  3 (Exit West by Mohsin Hamid, No One Is Coming To Save Us by Stephanie Powell Watts, and Into the Water by Paula Hawkins)

Favorites This Quarter:  How It All Began by Penelope Lively, Exit West by Mohsin Hamid, Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen, and The Watsons Go To Birmingham 1963 by Christopher Paul Curtis.   I’ve not reviewed the two audio books, because I don’t usually review those on my blog.  I listen to them in the car pretty much exclusively; therefore I don’t have an opportunity to take notes as I do on my print reading.  So I don’t feel like I would have more than a paragraph or two to write about them.  Hmmm… maybe I’ll do a semi-regular audio book round-up in the future?  That’s an idea worth pondering.

Reading Goals:  So I’m happy to say that I’ve completed two of my reading goals for the year!  I have now read 6 juvenile/middle grade titles and have read at least 6 Random Picks (books that weren’t on my TBR at the start of the year.)  It figures that a goal that I completed already would the the random reading, ha ha!  If you’ve been a visitor here for a while you know what a mood reader I am.

In fact, as of late I’ve been considering having NO reading goals at all for 2018. I have been in the mood to just read whatever the heck I want to, with no regard for lists or challenges of any kind.  I just don’t do well with planned reading.  It’s like diets – when someone tells me not to have the cake or cookies, the thing I want most on this Earth is a piece of cake or a cookie!  So when I make a list of books I want to read in a certain time span (Hi #20BooksofSummer!), all I want to read is all the *other* books on my shelves and my Goodreads list!  Mind you, they’re ALL BOOKS THAT I WANT TO READ SO I DON’T KNOW WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH ME, but there it is.

So how was your last reading quarter?  How are you progressing on your reading goals?  Did you make goals?  Are you chafing under them?  Why or why not?


27 thoughts on “BRL Quarterly Report # 8

  1. Haha– I am completely on board with you and the idea of not having any challenges for 2018. I have always been really into reading challenges. However, since I started blogging and participating in more book clubs I’ve found reading challenges more and more of an inconvenience. Instead of using them as a way to push me and read outside my box I instead try to finagle my current reading list into them. It’s so embarrassing.

    I am making some good progress on my goals, that said. I’m over halfway done with 2 of my 4 challenges. The two which are behind… well, they might stay behind… oops. C’est la vie! Tis the fate of a mood reader. 😀

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  2. That’s quite a diverse list, Laila. 🙂

    I have given up on goals, or following any list. I read whatever I feel like reading. I have read about 46 books this year, and I have read children’s literature, YA, middle grade, poetry, and literary fiction. I haven’t read a classic, and a non-fiction. But I have chosen not to chase a pattern. As you mentioned, I am going to be absolutely random. 🙂

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  3. Your son starts school in TWO weeks?? What the heck state do you live in that you don’t start after Labor Day? That’s a rule in Michigan! Creating a challenge for myself (fat fiction and WOC books I own) this year has helped me get through a pile of books that I need to get work on. My challenge has also helped me have boundaries. I keep trying to convince myself I have other books I “need” to read, but I just stick with my #20BooksofSummer pile. It hasn’t been like that in the past, though.


  4. A good quarter! You made me laugh with your wanting to read everything but the books on your list. Yup. I tortured myself for years with detailed reading plans and goals. A few years ago I finally stopped the insanity and my only goal is to read good books and it has worked out extremely well 🙂

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    1. Ah, Stefanie, you don’t know how good that is to hear. Torturing myself is one of the things I do best! Ha ha! But after reading all of you lovely people telling me that you don’t set goals or plans, I know that it can be done and enjoyed. Thank you!

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      1. It’s harder than you think to not have goals. The first year I did it I felt guilty and like a bad reader. But if you go that route, persist because you will get over it and feel better than ever about your reading. 🙂

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  5. Yup, I *actually* laughed when I saw that you’d finished the Random Reading category! That would’ve been me too. That Christopher Paul Curtis story is pretty sweet, isn’t it? I’ve been meaning to watch the film as well.

    So far I’m feeling fair about my goals, and I am enjoying reading more backlisted titles than I have for several years, but I always feel like I want to be reading more, even so. Especially when moving into new reading areas (like, more non-fiction), when I find myself adding to the TBR in bursts, Oh well!

    Good luck with your next quarter!

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    1. It is SO ME to finish the Random Reading goal first! 🙂 The more I think about it, the more I know that I’m going to have to give in to my mood reading nature.

      I love backlist! I don’t do ARCs by choice because I have SO MANY backlist titles to get to.

      Thanks – good luck with your goals too.

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  6. YEAH you should ditch your reading goals next year! Screw reading goals! You can do whatever you want! As for me, I set what seemed like a perfectly reasonable batch of reading goals, and now that we’re past the halfway point, I’m kinda wondering if I’m going to make it. :p

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  7. You are smashing your goals so far! I completely understand the desire to go without any reading goals next year… I tend to set more monthly goals and TBR lists. One month will be ARC heavy, and the next I’ll read a bunch of random books on my TBR… it works for me.

    Happy reading & good luck meeting all your 2017 goals 🙂

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  8. Ooh, I love the sound of Juliet Stevenson reading S&S! Yes, I vote you should do an audiobook round-up – I’m getting more into them myself at the moment, so it’s always good to hear about other people’s experiences with them. Ha! I do join in with challenges, but I’m pretty bad at them – I like the kind that don’t have deadlines. The 20 Books is going pretty badly for me so far – I’ve abandoned as many as I’ve read… 😉

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  9. I have never really had reading goals since I am such a mood reader. I hope not having one will workout great for you next year. Congratulations on the goals that you have been able to achieve so far.

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  10. I’m still doing the 20 books, but I’ve already swapped out a couple of titles and abandoned one. Oh well! I’m not going to worry about it and I think you shouldn’t either. But I understand your perplexity at why you feel compelled to read something different from those on your list. I think a goal-free 2018 is the way to go!

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