Tiny, Almost Nonexistant Reading Goals for 2018

I LOVE this time of year for one reason:  the open-ended dreams of what one might read in the year ahead.  (And getting to read all of your reading goal blog posts, of course!)  I’ve mentioned before that I was planning NOT to have any reading goals for 2018, which I haven’t done before since I’ve been blogging.

Upon further reflection, I decided to set two small, teensy, you-have-to-squint-to-see-them goals.

Some of my owned and unread books

A. Read one book a month from the unread books I already own.  At current count I have 45 unread books in the house (with three on the way from Barnes and Noble – Christmas gift card!)  If I can read 12, that’s a fourth of my own unread books.


B.  Read The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas.  Yes, I was supposed to have read this in 2017 as part of my 40 For 40 goal list – you even voted on which intimidating classic tome I should read!  I’m excited to finally get to it.

That’s it.  No other reading goals.  I am trying to refrain from joining challenges and readalongs this year as well, but I’ll probably do Cathy’s Reading Ireland Month in March and the R.I.P. Challenge this fall.

As for my 40 For 40 List, I’ll write an update post about that in the next few days.  I’m still going to work on this in 2018 – after all, I’m 40 till May!  🙂

Best of luck with all your reading and personal goals this year!

44 thoughts on “Tiny, Almost Nonexistant Reading Goals for 2018

  1. Reading just one book a month from the tbr list is a very good idea. Nowhere near as intimidating as suggesting you get through them all. I know that in the next couple of years I am going to have to downsize and this would be a good way of deciding which books, having been read, have to stay and which I could actually let go.

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  2. Interestingly, my one goal is to read more of my own books. I think I will borrow your first goal on a book per month from my tbr list. All the best with your goals Laila. Enjoy your books.

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  3. Looks like a good stack – I can’t wait to hear more about them!
    I agree – I love seeing other bloggers’ reading plans and goals – I wonder why this is? Maybe I like getting new ideas? It usually leads me to make my own, even if I had been planning not to. 🙂

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  4. I really appreciate these goals. They are challenging in a different sort of way! I’m with you on not having a ton of goals. However, I know I won’t be able to help myself. I love setting them, I’m just absolutely terrible at sticking to them. XD

    I cannot wait to follow your reading of The Count of Monte Cristo! Will you be reading it and doing one review, or updates as you go?

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  5. I set myself a goal of 50% of my reading being from my TBR last year and it was… totally unachievable. That says terrible things about my willpower I guess 🙂 One per month sounds far more sensible! Good luck with Dumas…

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  6. I’m interested to hear what you have to say about that Shirley Jackson book in your pile. I’ve heard it’s good–and nonfiction if I remember correctly. I’m also doing a theme that makes me read my own books and I feel really good about my choice! I’m not doing any other reading challenges this year. In fact, I already have about 80% of my books picked out.

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  7. I didn’t have to squint at that pile of books! 😉 Good goals, very achievable. The hardest part with reading the books you own is not adding any more to the pile and coming out with as many unreads (or more!) by the end of the year as you had at the beginning. I hope the year is off to a good start!

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  8. You are so silly! Those are perfectly cromulent goals, not almost-not-there goals! You are making excellent decisions, and I love your plan to read 12 of your own damn books this year. I am less ambitiously planning to read ten, but I’m still pumped to do it.


  9. Passing is wonderful. Also, a speedy read. And so is the Wilkerson book – even though I wouldn’t have believed it until I started reading it. I raced through that one, and found it very bit as gripping as a novel (there is a lovely book illustrated by Kadir Nelson – a children’s book – which makes a lovely companion, also about the migration). And that Pym is my favourite (partly because it was my first of her books) and I just reread it last year. Oh, Good Lord Bird! I highly recommend that on audio. I kept relistening to the first few chapters because it made me grin (so sharply funny) even after I’d finished (I also read the text, and I enjoyed that very much as well). Most of the others you’ve included in your pic are also either on my shelves or my TBR (that Dalia Sofer – I loved that one too). You should enjoy the time you plan to spend with your own shelves very much, if this small taste is representative! Good luck.

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  10. Achievable goals – you can do it! Glad to see Passing in there, and I think I may have read Human Croquet hundreds of years ago when it was new – I’ll see if your review rings bells. I’m also intrigues by the Shirley Jackson…

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    1. I think I’ve been putting of Human Croquet because I love Kate Atkinson so much and I don’t want to be done with her books. But that’s silly! She’s still alive and writing! And I do think her books hold up to rereads as well. So I have no good excuse.

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  11. I have the Septembers of Shiraz novel sitting unread on my shelf as well. I need to get to it too. And you have me wanting to read The Count of Monte Cristo — I keep remembering the movie. Good luck!

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  12. Yes to non-goals! Happy New Reading Year to you and all those wonderful non-goals. I too should join you in reading one book of my TBR pile a month, but public libraries and new releases may be a bit too hard to resist!

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  13. I’ve put off making an official 2018 reading goal list – but secretly it is just to read more!! I just didn’t want to dissapoint myself when i didn’t keep my promises/goals. I do fancy the idea of trying to read 50 books in a year – do poetry books count? lol

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