Mid-Year Reading Goal Check-In

Since the year is half over, I thought it was time for a 2018 Reading Goal check-in. You may recall that I made two teeny-tiny reading goals for the year:

  1. Read at least one book a month from the books I already own, and
  2. Read The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas.
Of this stack from February I’ve read four!


On the first goal I am doing AMAZING. I’ve already read 13, which means I’ve technically completed my goal! But I have added new purchases to my owned stacks of books (is anyone surprised? No.) So I want to keep making a dent in my piles of owned books through the rest of the year.

I haven’t yet begun to read Count, but I am definitely planning on diving in this fall, after 20 Books of Summer is over. Actually, I’ve been mulling over doing a little readalong. I’ve never led my own readalong before and I’m intimidated, frankly! Would anyone out there be interested in reading along with me this fall? It would be SERIOUSLY low-pressure. I’d probably just try and break it up into sections and take my time with it. If you’re interested, let me know in the comments!

I lowered my number of books for the Goodreads Reading Challenge this year to 52. I completed it this past week. Before you think I’m some reading machine, I have included several books that my son and I have read together, like some of the Magic Tree House books and Bad Kitty books. I decided to do that because I’m reading them too and I want to have a record of what we read together! But the lower page counts of those books do inflate my numbers.

img_2257As far as my 20 Books of Summer challenge, I’ve read 7 and am almost finished with my 8th book. I’ve only written about three of them, though, so I definitely see some mini-reviews in my future. Right now I’m in a good reading groove, but I only have time to post once or twice a week, and if I have to choose between actually reading a book and posting a blog post, I’ll pick reading!

So how are your reading goals going so far this year? I’d love to hear if you’ve completed any goals, made progress, or if you’ve abandoned any goals. Do you set goals for your yearly reading? 

25 thoughts on “Mid-Year Reading Goal Check-In

  1. It sounds like you’re killing it with your goals, Laila! Have you read Wild Strawberries and/or Human Croquet yet? I adore the former and the latter is on my 20 Books of Summer list. A read-along of The Count of Monte Cristo does sound tempting…
    I’ll definitely keep it in mind based on how much progress I’m making with my TBR list.

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  2. I’m so happy for you that this is going well! Are you blog friends with Jackie B at Death by Tsundoku? She’s looking to do a readalong with someone. She’s done them before and is a great organizer. Here is her site: http://deathbytsundoku.com/

    I’m still really happy with my “meet me in the middle” challenge. The only issue is that I keep buying new books, so I’m not sure if I’m supposed to update the spreadsheet that I made in January, lol.

    I wouldn’t worry too much about Goodreads. I, too, think of it more like an online record. I set my reading goals to 52 books simply because there are 52 weeks in the year. During the semester, my reading speed drops A LOT, so I shoot up in the summer and slog down in the winter. I don’t interact with too many people on Goodreads, so I don’t see it as a place where I need to be accountable. I’m glad you’re keeping track of the books you read with your son, because he may want to know someday what his mom read with him 🙂

    Do you like the Bad Kitty books? I’ve seen them in Barnes & Noble when I was shopping for my nieces and thought they looked cute. The girls are older now, but I do remember the Bad Kitty title!

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    1. I saw Jackie’s post about the readalong. We follow each other so hopefully she’ll see this – I’m still not fur sure I’ll do it but I’m considering it.

      I’m glad your meet in the middle challenge is going well! I see you reading books from your TBR that are older and it always makes me happy. I love it when I can finally get around to reading one I’ve had on my list for years.

      I do like the Bad Kitty books. They’re funny, especially as a former owner of a “bad kitty!” My son likes them too.


  3. You’re doing great! Especially with the reading your own books – that’s always the killer. The ones on the shelves keep getting older and pushed aside for new shiny ones, so well done! I have the same issue with short stories on Goodreads – if I add them it makes me look as if I’ve read loads of books, but if I don’t add them then I feel my record isn’t complete. So I add them… 😉

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  4. Nice job! I set my Goodreads goal at 75 for the year, and I’m one book ahead right now, so I’m doing fine there. I don’t really have other goals, except perhaps to not worry about how many books I’m reading. That kind of conflicts with setting a Goodreads goal, but I’m not consistent about this 🙂

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  5. Wow I’m impressed with your progress! I love the Bad Kitty series, so cute…

    I can’t do read-alongs as I never follow through-but I will follow your read along as you blog about it for sure.

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  6. Laura at Reading in Bed is doing a Count readalong this summer! You might want to check it out, even if you’d still want to wait until the fall. I’m pretty sure she only just started it in July.

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  7. Wow, I am SO impressed that you read 13 of your own damn books already. I am basically behind on ALL of my resolutions for this year — I was going to read four histories of African countries, and I’ve only read one so far and it’s JULY. And I was going to read ten of my own damn books this year, and I’ve read THREE. The only thing I’ve done okay at is that I was going to revisit books I own but haven’t read for many years — I wanted to do five rereads, and I’ve already done three and I’ve started a fourth. So, yay! One goal going okay!

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  8. Congratulations on reading the books you own! Mine are glaring at me right now because try as I might I don’t read them the way I should.

    The only goal I set is Goodreads and I try not to check it too often. But I did look after reading your post and I’m a little bit ahead which is great because I feel a slump coming on. Plus, if I read too far ahead I forget a lot of the book when it comes time to write a review! Better discipline about writing would help. Sigh.

    Have you had a chance to finish Kitchens? I loved that book!

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    1. Thanks! I need more discipline about writing too – I’m super behind on my reviews for 20 Books of Summer!

      I have not finished Kitchens yet but I am LOVING IT. I’m about halfway through. Glad I finally got around to reading it.


  9. Congratulations Laila, you are doing great with your goals. I like the fact that you can manage a number of challenges at the same time. I only have the goodreads reading challenge. My goal was 60 books but I am already on my 69th. All the best with your reading goals. Happy reading 🙂

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