Classics Club Spin #18!

It’s Spin time! I joined The Classics Club (now under new leadership) earlier this year and got the word yesterday that it’s time for another Spin (my second.) What’s a #CCSpin? Well, basically you choose 20 books from your original list and then on Spin Day the Classics Club leaders choose a number from 1-20. Whichever number is drawn is the classic book you read and write about next!

So here are my 20, pretty much chosen randomly (I did put some chunksters in there to mix it up:)

  1. Fahrenheit 451 – Bradbury
  2. Lady Susan, The Watsons, Sanditon – Austen
  3. Jane Eyre – Brontë (re-read)
  4. The Woman in White – Collins
  5. A Study in Scarlet – Conan Doyle
  6. The Thin Man – Hammett
  7. The Count of Monte Cristo – Dumas
  8. The Lottery and Other Stories – Jackson
  9. West With the Night – Markham
  10. 1984 – Orwell
  11. Less Than Angels – Pym
  12. Anna Karenina- Tolstoy
  13. Crossing to Safety – Stegner
  14. Native Son – Wright
  15. Ceremony – Silko
  16. Stoner – Williams
  17. Island of Dr. Moreau – Wells
  18. Brideshead Revisited – Waugh
  19. Beloved – Morrison (re-read)
  20. The Gowk Storm – Morrison

If you’re in the Classics Club, good luck with your spin! I hope you all get the number you want. (Totally statistically impossible, but you know.) 🙂

Have you read any of these? Have any thoughts?

37 thoughts on “Classics Club Spin #18!

  1. Well, I have to hope you get The Gowk Storm, of course! If not, then The Island of Dr Moreau or A Study in Scarlet. (If you get The Gowk Storm then that means Chronolit ends up having to read the Kama Sutra, so all round I’m hoping 20 comes up! I must make sure I put a book I really want to read there… 😉 )

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      1. Angle of Repose is one of those sleepers isn’t it? I enjoyed it when I read it, but my opinion of it keeps growing as time passes. I found the story of Mary Foote unforgettable.

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  2. Great job with your list. I’m still trying to decide which books so I can post mine. But I had already set aside a few classics for August so not sure if I should go ahead and add them (with the possibility it might be picked by coincidence in the spin).

    Love love love The Woman in White. I need to set aside some time to write my review for the blog. I read it a second time last month when I co-hosted a readalong on Instagram. We had such great discussions.

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  3. I love your list. Jane Eyre is on mine too and would be a re-read. It’s such a good book. I was thinking about adding a Dumas book, Anna Karenina and Fahrenheit 451 to the list but decided against it. I’m tomed out and really not in the mood for dystopian reading.

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  4. I’ve read nearly all of those except Ceremony and The Gowk Storm. I highly recommend West with the Night, it is just wonderful and doesn’t get nearly the attention it deserves. There’s an illustrated version with lovely photos if you can find it. I’m also a huge fan of Barbara Pym, she’s always wonderful. Good luck with the spin, you have so many great books on your list!

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  5. This is a wonderful list, Laila! So many titles here I’ve loved, and several that are on my own classics club master list. I must say I’m hoping you get West with the Night. It is an absolutely stunning and gripping memoir and I want everyone to read it!

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  6. I’ve read Native Son and enjoy it. The author bases some of the characters on civil rights activists who came before the book was written, such as Marcus Garvey, and shows the systematic break down and degradation of a black man in America.

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  7. Yay! I’m so glad that you’re participating. I love the *idea* of The Classics Club, but I’m too much of a mood reader to really get involved at this point. Perhaps sometime in the future?

    I’ve read quite a few of these. 1984, Fahrenheit 451, and A Study in Scarlet being the ones I remember best. I’m excited to see The Lottery and Other Stories on your list! I’ve read a handful of Jackson’s short stories, but I’m interested in reading more. Perhaps if that book is the one selected, we could do a buddy read? 😉


    1. I’m a huge mood reader as well, but the five year time span for getting them read really helps me mentally not freak out and feel too constrained. Plus the public participation helps me actually *get them read* as opposed to just saying “someday” which is my usual MO. 😉 I need the outer accountability as an Obliger.

      Hey, I’d absolutely be up for doing a buddy read if that’s the number chosen! We’ll find out next week.

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  8. I love your choices! I hope you get The Woman in White, because I am in love with that book. It’s not quite as good as The Moonstone imo because it starts strong and ends weak, whereas The Moonstone starts weak and ends strong, which leaves me feeling happier about it. But even so, The Woman in White is fricking great and you’d love it. The Lottery would be an awesome choice too.

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  9. Well we both have Jane Eyre on this list but although I have a few of your other choices including The Gowk Storm, I haven’t put them on the list this time. I was steering clear of the classic crime reads as they are really the main ones I’ve picked up since starting the challenge and thought I ought to broaden my horizons a bit.

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  10. I’ve read a few of these but almost all of them are on my “should read that someday” mental list, except for the last, which I had to go look up (and probably did, as well, when you first posted your list). It looks very interesting. It makes me think of Henry Handel Richardson (published in the Virago Modern Classics reprints) but I’m not sure why – I think there was a minister father in that one too. I’m so far behind in online reading (thanks to the heat) that you’ve probably already selected AND read by now…I’ll catch up eventually!

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    1. The Gowk Storm is a Scottish classic that I wasn’t aware of until last year when Fiction Fan wrote glowingly about it on her blog. My library system doesn’t own it so I’ll have to purchase it. Yes, I did just finish my Classics Spin book TODAY. It took me a while and I put it down for a few days to start reading something else.

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