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I was tagged WAY back in May by the lovely Erin @ Feel, Learn, Wonder and I’m just now getting around to writing this tag post! But I thought it would be a nice diversion from my 20 Books of Summer and Classics Club reviews that I haven’t yet written. If you haven’t checked out Erin’s blog, please do give it a look!

img_2523Where do you write your blog posts?

At my desk in my living room. It’s an old hand-me-down desk from my father-in-law, not an antique, just old, with peeling paint and stickers that my son has put on it over the years. We have talked about buying a “grown-up desk” but it’s not a high priority so we haven’t yet done so. We DID just buy a new office chair, though, and it’s so comfy!


How long does it take you to write a book review?

Ha ha! Well, once I actually SIT DOWN to do it, probably about an hour. It’s the sitting my behind down in the chair that’s the issue.

When did you start your book blog?

December 31, 2014. I can’t believe I’m coming up on four years already. My first blog post didn’t even mention that I was starting this blog – it was just a list of my reading resolutions for the coming year. I guess I really didn’t even know what I was planning to do with this or for whom I was writing. (Do I know these things now? Ha ha!)

What’s the worst thing about having a book blog?

Is there a “worst” thing? I suppose it would be the same affliction I have on all social media platforms, which is comparing myself to others. Others write such in-depth reviews! They post so much more frequently! Their blogs look nicer than mine! Blah Blah Blah. I’ve always compared myself to others, even before the days of computers, so it’s just one of my bad habits. I’m trying to quit.

What is the best thing about having a book blog?

Without a doubt, it’s YOU GUYS. I am so happy to have “met” so many interesting, smart, curious, and supportive people from all over the world through blogging. You all save my faith in humanity sometimes! And you all have such good taste in books too!  🙂

What post have you had the most fun writing so far?

I don’t know – they’re all fun once I get going! But I’m gonna share a post from way back in 2015 about a picture book that I love and think you all should know about. Most of you weren’t regular readers of mine back then so here you go:

What is your favorite type of blog post to write?

Lately I love the Five Sentence Reviews I’ve started doing, and also the Library Checkout meme that Bookish Beck introduced me to.

When do you typically write?

At night when my son has gone to bed and my husband is still at work, around 9:00 pm.  Sometimes if it’s super slow at work on a Saturday I’ll start a rough draft of a post.

How do you write your book reviews? With a cup of tea or coffee? With Netflix? Cuddle up with your fur-baby?

Well, I usually put on a Pandora radio station – I write best with music. Lately it’s the Sylvan Esso station, sort of dreamy electronic/pop/dance music. Sometimes I drink a glass of wine. Sometimes I eat Twizzlers. Sometimes I just write.

Sylvan Esso

When do you write book reviews – right after finishing the book? Two weeks after finishing the book?

Um… lately it’s been OVER two weeks after finishing. When I’m on the ball it’s usually a few days after finishing.

How often do you post?

My goal is 2 posts a week. 🙂

I don’t want to tag anyone else but if you feel moved to put this one up on your own blog, please do. How do you write your blog posts? With snacks? On a laptop in bed? With the TV on? Do you also like Sylvan Esso? Tell me in the comments. 

26 thoughts on “Book Blogger Tag

  1. Fun! I write at an old hand-me-down desk too, using an ancient PC with no Internet connection so that I can’t get distracted. I’m also terrible about comparing myself to other people, mostly re: the look of my blog because I am not a computer whiz and I find the behind-the-scenes stuff really daunting. I’ve done one major redesign since I started blogging but I’m overdue for another. I might do this post sometime later this year 🙂

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  2. ha! i really enjoyed this. I try to write my reviews shortly after finishing the book, but that doesn’t always happen! Life, kids, etc can get in the way. And usually Smokey is by my side as I’m writing on my laptop.

    Love your new office chair btw!

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    1. Awww, Smokey. I’m glad you have company as you write!

      Once I get the rest of the 20 Books of Summer posts out of the way I’m going to do my best to try and write reviews quickly after finishing.

      And thanks about the chair! It made us feel more “adult” – I mean, we’re both over 40 but you know what I mean. Adults now are different from what adults used to be like, LOL.

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      1. I worked in a writing center with a woman who was married and had two kids. She and her husband both used to work at a bar, so when I met her, her kids were on bar schedule, too! It was very strange seeing people under 10 act like they’d been at the local watering hole all night, but really they’d just been up super late.

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  3. I have very low sticker-tolerance, but other than that, I’m a big fan of keeping furniture around for as long as it does the trick. I like being able to imagine where you are sitting when you are writing your posts. Using a laptop, I’m not always in the same place, but I’ve had other set-ups in the past and appreciate the way that a corner of the house becomes associated with typing/writing: that’s nice too. Lately I’ve been rereading and reading Madeleine L’Engle’s Austin series and in one of the volumes the kids toss the phrase “Comparisons are odious” around quite a bit: I’ve been repeating it to myself ever since!

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  4. What a fun tag! I always appreciate getting to know bloggers better. I love your desk! It’s obviously well-used and well-loved. Seems like a perfect spot for blogging! XD What sort of wine encourages blog posts? I find my usual dry red wines tend to lead me astray… Often I’ll find my glass of wine is empty, I’ve written 5 sentences, and I just spent an hour on Twitter. Oops!

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    1. Ha ha! I’m a lightweight so one glass is plenty for me. Although Twitter pretty much always leads me astray. Lately I’ve been liking rose wines but I like whites (New Zealand sauvignon blancs and rieslings) and red blends too.


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