Some Reading Stats and Numbers for 2018

Hey friends! I hope that everyone has been having a wonderful holiday season. It’s that awesome time of the year when voracious readers like us are taking stock of what and how much we’ve read over the year. I’ll post a Top Ten Favorites soon, so this post is purely about the numbers and whether or not I completed any pre-set reading goals. (Note: I’m counting the three books I’m currently reading in my tally, as I plan to finish them before Jan 1.) My numbers come from my 2018 Goodreads Reading Challenge (which I more than doubled – I deliberately chose a low number.)

img_3346Total Books Read: 118 (This includes chapter books I’ve read with my son, otherwise the total would be lower!)

Fiction: 94

Nonfiction: 24

Chapter Books/Middle Grade/Picture Books: 42 (although I’ve not listed picture books on Goodreads, except for one, and I’ve read a GAZILLION over the course of the year with my son.)

Poetry: 0 (Really dropped the ball this year.)

Mysteries/Thrillers: 13

Romance: 2

Short Story Collections: 2

Graphic Novels/Comics: 3

Audiobooks: 7

YA: 2

Authors of Color: 24 (20% – not good! Although if I only count MY books, not my son’s, the percentage goes to 31%, a bit better. I have to say that I find kid’s books are even more white than grown-up books.)

Rereads: 8

Classics: 12

Goals Completed: You may recall I only made two small reading goals, since I don’t like to read from lists and lots of goals make reading feel like homework to me.

I completed one out of two goals: to read at least 12 of my own books from my own bookshelf! I read 22 books from my own shelf! (The rest came from the public library – either the one where I work or the one in the county in which I reside.)

I did NOT, however, complete the other goal, which was to read Alexandre Dumas’ The Count of Monte Cristo. You may be asking yourself if I really WANT to read this book after all, now that it’s been a goal of mine for two years and I haven’t read it? Well, I’m asking myself the same thing. So my solution is, since I already own a copy, I’m going to start reading it on Jan. 1. It’s so big and intimidating, I’m going to try to read just 3 or 4 chapters a week. We’ll see how I like it. I’ll keep you posted!

Other Blog Happenings This Year:

It’s been a terrific reading year. I’ve got some ideas about how I’d like to shake up my reading a little bit next year. Nothing too crazy, because I am a Mood Reader Supreme. But I’ll post about that early in the new year.

How about y’all? Did you accomplish any reading goals? Anything  in particular you want to do differently next year?

25 thoughts on “Some Reading Stats and Numbers for 2018

  1. As a teenager I had a dramatisation of The Count of Monte Cristo. It fitted onto the two sides of a vinyl LP so to say it was abridged has to be the understatement of this or any other year! But I loved it. It was accompanied by a musical score which I now know was taken from Tchaikovsky’s sixth symphony. I have since read the book but I can’t say that I got more enjoyment out of it than I did from that early encounter. Have you thought about listening to it as an audiobook?

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    1. I have thought about maybe combining the audio book and the paper book. I am so addicted to podcasts, though, I don’t know if I can fit in the time for the audio book! But it might be more enjoyable. I need to at least check and make sure my library has it -they should!


  2. Congratulations on your 2018 reading year! Monte Cristo is a lot of fun once you’ve got started, don’t be afraid! It helps to be reminded that Dumas was paid by the word and so needed to add as many of them as possible. If you feel the need to skip a few words here and there or a paragraph or two you probably won’t miss anything vital.

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  3. You’ve had a great reading year – congratulations! I’m surprised that kids’ books are even whiter than adult books – I’d have expected it to be the other way round. But I suppose so long as the messages are inclusive, the authors’ ethnicity might not matter so much… maybe. I just added The Count of Monte Cristo to my wishlist as part of my Around the World challenge. I don’t know if I’ll get to it this year – I hope so, though. Meantime, I’ll be interested to hear how you get on with it… 😀

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    1. Thanks, FF. Inclusive messages are good. At this point, since my son is only 7, I’m more concerned with getting him books that will make him want to keep reading than with the author’s race. I will introduce authors of color to him certainly, but right now I most want him to just keep reading, and it seems like kids’ publishers aren’t quite as inclusive as adult publishers are starting to be. The authors of color I’m aware of have written books that skew just a bit older than he’s ready for. Maybe I’m just not looking hard enough! i’m thinking of Christopher Paul Curtis, Jacqueline Woodson, Pam Munoz Ryan, etc. But in any case, I’m glad he enjoys reading and I hope it continues.

      I will certainly write about my journey with the Count!

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  4. What a great year you’ve had! I think completing one of two goals is pretty good especially since you hit the one right out of the park! I am hoping to read more from my own books in 2019, or at the least, keep my library holds queue in check so I am not constantly scrambling to keep up! That’s a big stretch goal 😀

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  5. Twenty-two of your own books! I am massively impressed! I read 28 of my own books, but five were rereads, and only twelve were books that I owned before the year 2018 began. So the real shame is how many books I BOUGHT this year, which was a very large number and since there’s a huge book sale happening near me soon, there is no sign of me buying fewer books going forward.

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  6. What a great year of reading! Like you, I make my goodreads goal small, and I actually beat it this year which is exciting considering I had a kid too LOL

    And what an interesting observation re: white authors of kids books…I’ll have to keep an eye on that!

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    1. Well done, you!

      So I have noticed a positive trend in picture books – there seems to be lots more representation of children of color in the illustrations. That is a sign of progress! And since my kiddo is reading chapter books, there’s a whole world of middle grade books he hasn’t gotten to yet. I think authors of color are definitely out there, but they don’t seem to be as well represented in the best-selling and popular kid titles as white authors. There’s still work to do, in other words, getting more authors of color promoted and published and on library shelves.

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  7. Yay for productive reading years! That is awesome that you doubled your goal for reading books off your own bookshelf! I am making it a goal this year to try and cut down on my physical TBR that has been sitting on my shelves forever…. I have an entire bookcase of unread books ((hides face in shame))

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  8. So great! And very interesting about the same-ness of your son’s book selection in comparison to your own choices. That’s too bad. I recommend the manga series Yotsuba! which is for children but it’s sweet and funny and I am all set to reread it this year. It is, for the adult me, what Anne Shirley was for me as a girl! (Heheh But if you were to expect to find anything like Anne in there, well, no.)

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      1. I’m not sure that anyone current with manga would be particularly interested in this one. It’s kind of a quiet domestic series about a young single guy raising a girl, from about 5 – 8 or so (through the 13 books) and the neighbours and the palces they go together and just their ordinary family life. But both my step-daughters liked it too, even when they were both much older than Yotsuba – they’re just easy and fun.

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