Reading Goals Update – March 2019

How’s it going, gang? I don’t know about you but I’m really ready for Spring. Yesterday we had a beautiful day, 70 degrees F and sunny. I was able to do a bit of weeding and soil amending in my garden, and I can’t wait to get out there and do some more on a regular basis. I’ve got way more seeds than I have actual room for plants, LOL. That’s the optimist in me I suppose. Anyway, it’s time to check in with my yearly reading goals.

Photo by Mohammad Amiri on Unsplash
  1. Read from the New Books Shelf at work. Well, I tried a book in February that didn’t work for me (The Bookshop of Yesterdays by Amy Meyerson.) I read about 35 pages and wasn’t hooked. And I haven’t yet picked my choice for this month’s New Book Shelf read. So not much progress has been made since the last update.
  2. Read The Count of Monte Cristo. I’m on page 799, which is 55% finished, according to Goodreads! So quite a bit of progress.
  3. Read more poetry. I’m enjoying Kevin Young’s collection Jelly Roll. download (1)Really playful, earthy, musical, vibrant stuff. It’s been a long time since I’ve taken a poetry class, so I’m rusty in all the correct poetic terms to describe and analyze a poem. But in terms of pure emotion, this is stuff I can connect to. Also, I’ve found an awesome poetry podcast: The Slowdown by American Public Media. U.S. Poet Laureate Tracy K. Smith, who has a lovely voice, by the way, gives the listener a little emotional context for a poem, a personal story from her life, perhaps, and then reads it. It’s five minutes and a new one comes every week day. I highly recommend it if you’re wanting to explore poetry.
  4. Read My Own Darn Books. As part of Whitney’s Instagram #UnreadShelfProject2019, this month’s prompt is to read the book that has been on your shelf unread for the longest time. As my longest unread book is Anna Karenina and I’m already reading a monster classic at the moment, I decided to pick the book that’s been on my Goodreads TBR the longest: Lady Susan, The Watsons, Sanditon by Jane Austen. 51dmPYYOzjL._SX325_BO1,204,203,200_(It’s also on my Classics Club list.) I finished Lady Susan today and it’s wonderful – what a piece of work she is! Not only is this project making me choose at least one book from my own shelf every month, it’s making me look at my books with a more critical eye. I’m asking myself, Am I really going to read this? Am I still interested in this? And if the answer is no, it’s going to the Friends of the Library.

How are you coming along with your own yearly reading goals? Have you heard The Slowdown podcast? Are you desperate for consistent Spring weather like I am? Oh, I started a book for Cathy’s Reading Ireland Month today. It’s Donal Ryan’s The Spinning Heart. The first chapter was excellent so I have high hopes. I hope you are all well, my friends. I say this a lot, but I really do love this bookish community. Talk to you soon.


30 thoughts on “Reading Goals Update – March 2019

  1. Yay for making progress on your goals! I love following your quick updates on The Count on Goodreads 🙂 Thanks for recommending The Slowdown – 5 minutes is so doable to learn about poetry, which I desperately need to do.

    I’m with you on wishing for spring. I’m jealous that you’ve been able to get your hands in some dirt. We’re still covered in snow, but we’re going to get some 50-60 degree weather this week so I’m crossing my fingers for melting!

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    1. I’m really glad to have made a deliberate effort to read more poetry. It exercises different reading muscles than fiction. And I’ve read one book by Donal Ryan and loved it (All We Shall Know) so I’m excited to read another one!


  2. Some books just don’t work at the time so maybe another one from your shelf at work might be in order. Anything there jumping out at you? I tried to get one from the new shelf last week when I picked up my other library holds but I couldn’t self check it out so I just put it back on the shelf (I have a ton of books I’m planning to read this month).

    I adopted a modified plan of reading my own books but giving myself room for other reads too from

    At the end of the month I can measure how things are going. March has been interesting with what I’m picking up but moving on.

    I read Lady Susan last year as one of my CC spin picks.

    Reading more short stories and poetry is a goal this year too so I need to be sure I get to some this month! I’m hoping I can read a couple poems each day but my current read stack is stacked. 😊

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    1. I like Melanie’s reading plan but I need a little more freedom in my reading. However these semi-monthly reading goals check-ins are keeping me on track. I’ll choose a book for March from the New Shelf by the end of the week. Good luck with your poetry.

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      1. I understand, I modified her categories for something that felt like it could work for me and help me read in line with what goals I have for myself. Hope you find a good one on your March shelf! 🙂

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  3. So far, I’m keeping right on track with the books I want to read. Last year at this same time I was really struggling because teaching was overwhelming me. I was reading and reviewing about one book every 10-12 days. I was thinking about starting a new bookish podcast designed to put listeners to sleep. I put out a poll on Facebook to see if anyone is interested. Something in the 70% range said they are interested, but only 14 people voted!

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    1. How interesting. I have an app called the Calm app and when I can’t get to sleep (which is rare for me thank goodness) I listen to their Bob Ross sleep stories. Yes, it’s literally episodes of Bob Ross painting shows. Always puts me out like a light!

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  4. Are you still enjoying The Count of Monte Cristo? I probably said this last month, but I’ve added it to my TBR so I’m selfishly hoping you’re loving it! Why have I never read Lady Susan?? It’s also been on my TBR for centuries it seems! You’ve made me want to shove it up the priority list… 😀

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  5. 55% is so much more than 49%, especially with such a high page-count! I like your idea of using Bob Ross painting shows as sleep-aids. When I can’t sleep, I listen to a podcast I’ve listened to before. Not one that is a single person talking…then, I just tend to listen. But a conversation between two or more people works wonders. (Unless they laugh a lot!) Enjoy your reading and your weeding!

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      1. It’s only because I am paranoid about not having my mobile near my head when I’m sleeping, so I use an offline device for podcasts whereas all the fun app’s live on my phone.

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  6. I’m doing well with *most* of my reading goals lol I’ve read 36 books for my goal of 100 books in 2019. I’ve read 4 out of 15 backlist NetGalley ARCs. I’ve read 8 books off my physical TBR – my goal is 30. BUT I’ve read ZERO of the 3 LONG books I’ve been putting off that I want to read this year lol

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