Light Bulb Moments (Bookish Edition)

Two things I’ve recently realized:

  1. I can’t put down The Count of Monte Cristo for any length of time and expect to pick it back up again with a good memory of what I’d read before. And…
  2. I’ve got to quit getting new books on hold at the library if I want to read all the books on my TBR list that I say I want to read.

So I’ve delved back into my gigantic Dumas classic, after letting it sit on my shelf for most of March. I’ve already made some good progress – I’m now at 70% complete! That Count is quite the master of disguises. I feel like Villefort is juuuusssttt about to figure it all out but he’s not quite there yet. It’s still a wonderful, entertaining read. I just have to maintain my momentum and not let it sit for too long. Then it becomes too easy to not pick it back up again.

Also, I’ve used the “vacation stop” function on my library holds and pushed them all back until next month so that I can focus on what I’ve got checked out now and what I’m reading from my own shelf. I was getting inundated with holds and could feel the others looming.

I was going through my Goodreads TBR list, which I do from time to time to assess whether or not I really want to still read these things. And I kept thinking, Oh I really want to read that! Why haven’t I read that yet? You know why? NEW BOOKS. Shiny new books that keep coming out every week and sound so amazing and I have to get on the holds list right now! Perhaps as my holds stop date gets closer I’ll extend it further. I really want to make a dent in my TBR list, which at the moment is 363 books.

What am I reading now?


My Sister the Serial Killer is SOOOO compelling. I just started Notes of a Native Son and so far it’s wonderful. It’s my choice for April’s Instagram #Unreadshelfproject2019. The prompt this month is to read the latest book you’ve acquired. I’ve only read three stories in the Gallant collection but I will finish it by the end of the month.

Have you had any bookish light bulb moments lately?

38 thoughts on “Light Bulb Moments (Bookish Edition)

  1. I enjoyed My Sister, the Serial Killer and I started reading The Count of Monte Cristo with a couple other bloggers, but ended up bailing because I was reading too many books. Plan to read it over the next quarter.

    But I’d have to say some Bookish lightbulb moments for me are (1) discovering Flann O’Brien. I read The Third Policeman and it’s really a psychedelic gem. (2) I also discovered an African American transgender science fiction writer and I’m super stoked to get into them.

    I wish my library system had a vacation mode. If I can’t check out because I’m backlogged, I have to cancel the hold all together and when I’m ready go back through the process. Which of course means I run the risk of being on the waitlist.

    Good luck getting caught up.

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  2. New books have that effect 😀 I have been trying to read my own books this year and enjoyed some really good ones in January and February but backslid in March with ARCs. I have 9 pending ones that I hope to complete then go back to my TBR. My Sister The Serial Killer is on my shelf, can’t wait to get to it. Will look out for your review.

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  3. New books are the killer! I often find myself reading a new book that only moderately appealed to me in favour of a poor neglected book on my TBR that I really want to read. This year I made a list of 80+ books already on my TBR to read this year, leaving just forty spaces for new books – I’ve used up nearly all 40 already! 😱 Glad you’re still enjoying The Count since I’m proposing to read it later this year – if I can stay away from those new books… 😂

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    1. Yes! I will do the same thing. For me it’s the pressure of the library holds list and knowing that others are waiting for the book after me. I think the only way is to push back those holds. Good luck with your TBR list and the new books!

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  4. I know just how hard it is to focus on all the TBR books (especially ones that you own) when there are brand-new books coming out all the time! I should try that vacation setting for my library holds sometime, maybe during the summer so I can focus on my own books for 20 Books of Summer.

    And I agree that it’s all too easy to lose momentum with a long book, particularly a classic that require that little bit more effort to pick up. I will probably be reading the same Virginia Woolf novel for months!

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  5. Hmm I’d probably be like you and leave the giant tome on the shelf too-it’s just too daunting to keep picking up! Good plan to just push your way through to the end haha

    I’m looking forward to your review of My Sister the Serial Killer-and I love that cover!

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  6. I have been wondering what happened to the Count! I thought I had missed the finale 🙂 Your realization #2 is the story of my life. A bunch of holds just came in a week after a bunch of other holds came in and now I have gone through all the other books I have on hold and paused them. I haven’t read one single book I own yet this year and I was going to read a bunch. I am still going to. Just not yet 😀

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  7. Wow! Count of Monte Christo is a hefty read, so I understand not recalling it after putting it down for so long. When I do stuff like that, I sometimes look over what I highlighted to job my memory.
    I need to read My Sister the Serial Killer too.

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  8. I have truly been so impressed with your commitment to The Count of Monte Cristo, friend. It’s not exactly a bookish light bulb moment, but I have recently been reminded of how important reading is to me? I know that sounds silly because I am a book blogger so obviously I care about reading. Lately, though, I haven’t been carving out the same amounts of time to just sit down and read, and it’s been putting me in a really bad mood. So it was good to remember that I don’t just enjoy this activity, I require it to thrive, and it’s worth making plenty of time for that. BOOKS.

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  9. I read The Count of Monte Christo years ago and really enjoyed it. There was so much going on though and so many characters so I get what you’re saying. When I stopped for a bit I got confused about what was happening and who some minor character was.

    I’m with you on the tbr list as well. I used to get piles of books from the library and then make a list of all the books I hadn’t read when I had to return them. I suppose everyone always wants to read more than they can. Nowadays, I try and limit myself a bit more.

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  10. Lightbulb moments are wonderful, aren’t they? A recent one I had was that I read *more* and blog *less*when I’m stressed out. So, I’ve been reading a ton but I cannot seem to sit down in front of a computer to write a review! O_o Oops.

    I’m so glad The Count of Monte Cristo is speaking so much to you! You are inspiring; I want to pick this book up now. I think I have a copy somewhere in my house…

    I have ~3 dozen books on suspended hold at my library. Do they have release dates? Nope. They don’t. XD I just leave them on hold until I need them. Which, doesn’t happen as often as I’d like. I certainly need a process to increase my hold throughput. I like the comfort of having books on hold. Knowing there are books waiting for me whenever I need them brings me joy.

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    1. The Count of Monte Cristo is definitely worth the read! It just needs a good editor, LOL. The middle part drags a smidge. I am SO CLOSE to finishing! I should finish by the end of the day.

      Oh, and I definitely blog less when I’m stressed.

      I love that I can put things on hold and keep pushing back the dates I will get them. It keeps me at the top of the list but then the people under me in line can get a copy while I’m not yet ready for it. Genius system. I’m sad not all libraries do this.

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      1. !!! Go Laila go! Finishing The Count of Monte Cristo is a huge milestone for any reader. 🙂 Do you own your own copy?

        Yes! What I love the most about pushing back the dates and keeping myself at the top of a library list is how it supports my book club addiction. I have two book clubs which pick the books for the whole year in the December prior. I put all the books on hold so I *know* I’ll get it when book club finally comes around. It’s a perfect system.

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  11. I’ve been watching “Dark” and there is a thread in that storyline in which characters remind one another that every choice for something is a choice against something else and I think that’s another layer of the home/library challenge that has come through for me recently too. That when I choose to read something new at the library, I’m choosing to not read something on my own shelf. Seems obvious, right? Not for me apparently.

    Back when I got that app for my phone which tracks my viewing (because there are SO many good shows) and I started reading more (but still watching), I learned that I don’t feel guilty about the time I do spend watching when I’ve decided to watch a certain amount. Now that about half the books in a given month are from my own shelves, and I’ve chosen that first, I don’t feel guilty about the others being library books either. (But it’s such a well-established habit, ignoring my own books, that I have to be vigilant or I slip back into the other way of reading very quickly.)

    What would we do without other readers to complain to about these things? Hah.

    Good luck with the Count. You’re probably done by now? Close?

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    1. Done! It was great.

      I think it’s all about being intentional and just being aware of which books are becoming priorities. it IS such a well-established habit for me to prioritize those library books with their due dates. I am really going to redouble my efforts to stay on top of those library holds for the rest of the year.

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  12. I realized a long time ago that I will never read my own books as long as I keep putting holds on books at the library. But I’m still doing it!!! I do, however try to alternate library books I’ve brought home with my own books. Sometimes I do pretty well with that, but sometimes I don’t. Oh well, it’s not such a bad problem to have… 🙂

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