R.I.P. Challenge 2019!

rip14I’m excited about my favorite annual reading challenge, R.I.P. XVI! It’s the only challenge I’m participating in this year and it’s my fourth year doing it. I always stick to the very manageable Peril The Second, in which you just have to read two creepy/thrilling/mysterious/scary/ suspenseful books of your choosing. This laid-back “challenge” is perfect for readers like me who are allergic to sticking to a TBR list. You can also read short stories or watch creepy/thrilling movies or TV shows as well, if that’s your thing. Personally, I find that I’m better reading scary stuff than watching scary stuff.

I’m choosing two deep cuts from my Goodreads TBR: Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King, which I added way back in June 2015, and The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury, which I added in September 2016. I really don’t know much about either one but I’m in the mood to read some kinda scary and hopefully page-turning reads as we head into Fall!


Have you participated in this challenge before? If not, do you think you’ll give it a go now? What do you consider to be a great read for Fall?

22 thoughts on “R.I.P. Challenge 2019!

  1. I think I’ve followed you as you’ve done this challenge for four years, and not once, not until this year, did I make a move to actually read what the RIP Challenge is! This is top-notch lazy of me, Laila.


    1. Tee hee, it’s okay! If it’s not something you’re normally drawn to, I can totally understand not following the link! I don’t even know how I got started doing it – most of the bloggers I follow don’t participate.


  2. Good luck with your challenge, Lalia! I might join in October because my reading dance card is full this month. Gonna put a reminder on my calendar. I do have some mysteries and such that I need to read for other challenges, so perfect. Right?

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      1. I just scheduled my post for it. We’ll see, if I can actually read the 4 books I put down. My expectations are super low because I’ll be finishing a class and starting another in October and they’re accelerated. So not a lot of time for extra curricular reading.

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  3. Despite the fact that I read lots of ghost stories at this time of the year I never get around to joining up with this challenge, but I always enjoy seeing what everyone else is reading for it. Have fun! And don’t forget to lock the door before you start reading…

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  4. Yay! I’m really excited for both these books that you’re reading, especially the Halloween tree! I’m very intrigued by that cover 🙂 I’ve got some spooky reads up my sleeve too. They aren’t part of a challenge but they’re perfect for the season! haha

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  5. I used to follow this one religiously, when Carl was hosting, but now I just read my own creepy stuff. I really enjoyed Alix E. Harrow’s The Ten Thousand Doors of January (not so much creepy as atmospheric, only occasionally haunting) and I have resumed efforts to read Charles Palliser’s The Quincunx (which I started years ago for another RIP but wasn’t able to see through – now I am loving it – so satisfying in an old-fashioned way). I was thinking I might read Stephen King’s It for October, but I’m still unsure (lots of pages). Loved Mr. Mercedes and I remember loving that Bradbury book too, as a teenager, but I don’t remember anything at all about the story – just that I like his way of telling stories. Hope you have fun RIPing!


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