Five Sentence Reviews : Two Classics and a New Best Seller

The Island of Doctor Moreau by H.G.Wells

This is short – my edition was 131 pages including an Introduction and a Forward by Margaret Atwood. It was descriptive, atmospheric, and unsettling, and the beginning is mysterious enough to hook the reader. I can see it’s rightful place as a science fiction classic and also how it’s exploration of science and ethics would make for great classroom discussion. But I can’t summon much enthusiasm for it. It’s pretty bleak and parts of it are very disturbing. ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

The Body in the Library by Agatha Christie (Miss Marple #3)

Another short book- my paperback was 207 pages- but this one felt MUCH longer. Intriguing premise: a young attractive blond woman is found strangled in a country estate library and of course there are many suspects. Miss Marple didn’t make much of an impression on me here and she disappears for much of the book. The end provides a great twist but it took forever to get there. I love Christie’s other great detective, Hercule Poirot – am I just being too hard on Miss Marple? ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

Evvie Drake Starts Over by Linda Holmes

This was delightful; it reminded me of Elinor Lipman. A baseball player struggling with the “yips” and a youngish widow who isn’t exactly grieving meet when one rents an apartment in the other’s overly big house. Sparks smolder slowly and eventually burst into flames. I appreciated the modesty with which the romantic scenes were written ( I don’t really want a play by play.) This was a cute, smartly written novel about the value of good therapy, true friendship, and two people on the journey to wholeness ( but not co-dependent!) ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

A request for you Christie fans out there: What is your favorite Miss Marple book?

28 thoughts on “Five Sentence Reviews : Two Classics and a New Best Seller

  1. Evvie Drake starts over sounds really cute, actually. I read a book about a widow who falls in love with another man after her husband, a police officer, is shot that was excellent. It’s called Whiskey and Ribbons by Leesa Cross-Smith.

    That Agatha Christie book — is something going on with it? I’ve seen a few bloggers just recently who are reading it, so I didn’t know if there was a readalong or something.


  2. Haha – oh, dear! Given that The Island of Dr Moreau was my recommendation and I love The Body in the Library maybe I’m not the best person to give you more recommendations! But I love The Moving Finger, although Miss Marple’s not in it a great deal either. Or The Murder at the Vicarage and A Murder is Announced – she’s in both of them more. Maybe you should treat these as anti-recommendations, though… 😂

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    1. Ha ha! No, I’m glad to get recommendations from you, FF, anytime! I’m still glad I read Dr. Moreau – it did give me lots to consider and it’s a classic for a reason. I did enjoy Murder at the Vicarage. So I will take your Marple recommendations! Thank you.

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  3. I always want to love Miss Marple better than Hercule Poirot — I love the IDEA of her more than I love the IDEA of Hercule Poirot — but truly I do love the Poirot mysteries more. I have been meaning to do some Agatha Christie reading, so if you do find the best of Miss Marple, I’ll look forward to hearing your recommendations!

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  4. Well, count me curious as to why Dr. Moreau is disturbing for so many readers. My experience with Verne and Wells for classic sci-fi has been a little of impressed and bored, depending on the circumstances, and I’ve often wondered if I just need more academic experience to truly appreciate why some of these classics were so influential (of course, good afterwords and forewords can help, when available). But if it is still disturbing, that strikes me as a good thing, across so many decades! I’m not enough of a Christie fan to offer any response, but I’ve enjoyed reading the others’ comments here.

    If I remember correctly, Heaven Ali is a Christie super fan. And I think you have some other favourite authors in common too – not sure if you two are acquainted already.


  5. Sometimes I like a nice feel-good book – Evvie Drake sounds like a good one!
    I like your five sentence reviews – I am so behind on my blog right now that I will have to put together a catch-up post of some kind. As soon as I get a chance… *sigh*

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  6. I read The Body in the Library and I thought it was a good read. I like Miss Marple, but wish she was present in more of the book! I read A Pocket Full of Rye and felt similarly.

    Also I like this idea of a five sentence review 😉

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