Another Blogiversary

Tonight is my FIVE YEAR blogiversary y’all! I can hardly believe it.

Photo by Adi Goldstein on Unsplash

Last year I considered abandoning my blog because I wasn’t sure I had anything valuable to add to the conversation. Also, I was very stressed. This year has been much less stressful, I finally figured out what works for me, and I FINALLY stopped comparing my blog to others’ blogs. Hallelujah! As I was reminded on Instagram recently (@whatkarireads), reading ISN’T A COMPETITION and blogging shouldn’t be either.

I’ve got some fun plans for the blog next year and some solid, reasonable reading goals as well. More on that soon.

I want to thank those of you who drop by and comment regularly. You are superstars and I value your bookish insights, comments, and support. Getting to be in regular conversation with you is a privilege. 

Happy New Year, bloggers. Onward!

37 thoughts on “Another Blogiversary

  1. Happy Blogoversary! I’m so glad that you didn’t abandon this blog. You were one of my very first blogging friends and your posts and comments continue to encourage me. Thank you! The book world is better with your blog in it! Here’s to a new year!


  2. I’m glad you decided to stay. I think you and I have been friends since the beginning (I started in 2013). At some point in time, I stopped comparing my blog to others, but I’m not sure what changed my mindset, to be honest.

    I know in 2019 I felt self-conscious about reading more genre fiction when compared to bloggers who constantly read Very Serious Books and call them “literary fiction.” I moved on from some of those blogs.

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    1. LOL… I love your thoughts on “literary fiction.” And your quite nice term of “moving on.”

      You read such a wide variety of books – probably more than any other blogger I follow, truly. You have nothing to be self-conscious about.


  3. Happy Blogoversary, Blogoversary Buddy! People often look at me strangely when I tell them I started my blog on 12/31. They always respond with, “Um. Why not January 1st?” Because you don’t need a special date to start something new!

    Congrats on making it to 5 years. This is a huge milestone. Good luck making all your blogging and reading goals come true this year!

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    1. Thanks, Jackie. I actually think 12/31 is the perfect time for beginning a new pursuit… you’re thinking about what you want to do differently next year, right? Also, at the time I was a mom of a three year old who went to bed early and I was by myself as my husband was at work, so why not start a blog then? 😉 I love that we share a blogiversary.

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