This Is the Strangest Feeling Spring Break Ever

Hi friends! I’ve decided to write something and reach out to my blog friends even if the bookish content is lower than usual. I am home today because this week is my son’s Spring Break; we had planned a staycation because we had planned a trip for later in the year. But things are changing so quickly I have no idea if this staycation will turn into a very long one for us or not. I just got a text saying that my son’s school is closed through March 31. I have no idea if our other trip will go on as scheduled or not, as it was planned for the end of the school year. As of today my library system is still open but we have closed all programs and public meetings for the next eight weeks. I am hopeful we will close to the public altogether, as many library systems across the US are doing. The situation is very fluid, as I imagine it is where you are.

What a time, huh? I hardly know how to process it. An introvert at heart, I have no problem practicing the advocated social distancing. I mean I might feel differently weeks from now, but for now I enjoy being home and puttering and doing Yoga With Adriene videos and taking a walk around the neighborhood. Other than work and groceries, we are not going out.

Are you able to read? I confess that my reading concentration is poor. But I’m still reading, slowly. And that’s okay. We don’t need to turn this weird time into “let’s be as productive as we can” time like we do with the rest of our lives. I am almost finished with my Classics Club book for March, Crossing to Safety, by Wallace Stegner. It’s a good read for right now because it’s very soothing. Lots of nature, interpersonal relationships, beautiful writing. If I get a chapter or two read a day I consider that a win! Maybe if I could make myself turn off Twitter or The New York Times app, I’d be able to focus more on reading. I should set a time limit and stick to a “checking news” schedule. Yep, starting that now.

I mentioned daffodils and gardening in my last post. I took a picture of my daffodils the other day but they’re already starting to wither. They still look pretty though, so I’m sharing a picture. And another one of some beautiful trees in my neighborhood in bloom. We put some new dirt and turned over old dirt in my garden bed yesterday. I want to putter in my yard as much as I can the next few weeks. I’m so grateful we have a yard, a safe neighborhood in which to walk, and a park minutes away. So many people don’t enjoy those blessings.

Oh, have you started following Yo-Yo Ma on Instagram yet? I saw his post from Adriene (of Yoga With Adriene fame.) He’s highlighting what he calls Songs of Comfort in his stories and people from all over the world are playing their instruments beautifully. It’s refreshing for the spirit and lovely to see so many people joining in. And now I’ve discovered how much I like listening to Yo-Yo Ma!

Also, another soothing form of entertainment in the recent days is the British reality show The Repair Shop on Netflix. It’s half an hour long, and it’s relaxing and adorable. People bring in great-grandma Doris’s broken clock or vase or whatever and these funny, charming British people restore it. That’s it. It’s about as low-stakes as you can get and it’s completely delightful. I highly recommend it for soothing frayed nerves. Also, the Masterclass episodes of Great British Baking Show with Paul and Mary teaching how they make stuff also hits the soothing tv spot.

What have you been reading/watching/listening to for comfort the past few days? I gladly take all suggestions!

I’ll try to blog hop today and catch up. I hope you are all safe and able to stay home as much as you can. Sending love from Tennessee!





32 thoughts on “This Is the Strangest Feeling Spring Break Ever

  1. Glad you are doing ok Laila! My university library is still open but all classes have moved online. I suspect it won’t be long though until the whole campus is shut down. I’ve been reading Terry Tempest Williams’s new book and even though it is about climate change, it is still comforting because she is a fantastic writer and her descriptions of nature make me feel like I am there.

    Yo-Yo Ma is a treasure of a human being.

    Have fun in your garden! Healthy wishes to you!

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  2. My reading has been poor lately too. I think I might be in a bit of a reading and blogging slump because I’ve been slow on content too. It’s just a bit hard to feel motivated with all that’s going on and all the cancelling, which is needed but throws all planning up in the air.
    Hope all continues to be well for you during all this.

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  3. Thank you for this lovely post Laila, just reading it made me feel comforted! And my god those beautiful trees, how luck you are. It’s minus 10 and foot deep snow still here in Calgary 😦 Like you, I’m lucky to have a back yard to take my kids each day, and we visited the park today with some beautiful sunshine, so I really shouldn’t complain.

    I watch murder she wrote for comfort-always has and always will! Highly recommended. Take care of yourself, looking forward to reading more of your posts soon. And I second that idea of checking the news at one point each day-why bother with more? Time to focus on the good stuff in life…

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    1. Oh I hope your temperature arms soon but it’s good you’re tough enough to brave the elements for the park today! You’re used to it I guess.
      Murder She Wrote! Yes! I should find that somewhere, I bet it’s on something I have.
      Sending good thoughts to you and your family, Anne!

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  4. I’m glad to see you’re healthy! My children’s schools and treatment centers are also closed, which makes everything jarring and surreal. But we’ll get through it, I’m sure!

    Thank you for sharing your daffodils and the blooming trees! Gorgeous!!

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  5. Lovely post! I started my news and Twitter blackout yesterday – just one bulletin a day from now on to learn what I’m supposed to be doing. I filled in with a couple of episodes of Friends, one of Murder, She Wrote, and an episode of a cosy British murder series called Rosemary and Thyme – and yes, my anxiety levels have dropped considerably! Still struggling to concentrate on reading, but the books will wait… 🙂

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  6. I want to honest-to-goodness thank you for this post. Whenever I see another blogger sharing a pandemic post, I avoid it (and especially find it TACKY that some people are sharing their favorite pandemic movies and books).

    My yoga class, which I just started in January, is now cancelled. I’m so sad, especially since my husband and I are both stressed. I looked up your Adrienne and found that she does a lot of the same moves we do! I started to cry a little because I am so grateful. A lot of yoga videos are just impossible and have moves that make me worry we might hurt ourselves trying them.

    I also love your photos. Daffodils are one of those dang flowers that I love, but there are here for about four seconds. I went outside myself today and walked around, but even though the sun was out, the wind was kicking up and I didn’t want to catch a cold (which would just be not even funny right now).

    Thank you for reminding me that because we are off from work does not mean we have to push to be more productive. Jackie @ Death by Tsundoku was telling me she’s working from home and discovered that she’s actually putting in more hours there that she did at her physical work place, so she needs to pay more attention.

    Currently, I’m reading a memoir about sheep and it’s really quite soothing. It’s called Sheepish by Catherine Friend. She has other farm books, too. Maybe your library has an e-book copy you can get? Like I said, it’s soothing and the chapters are short and easy to focus on. My library is closed today, tomorrow, and Thursday. I’ll hear what happens next by 6PM Thursday.

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    1. So glad to hear from you, Melanie. I am SO GLAD also to hear that you’ve checked out Adriene on YouTube. She has all kinds of different yoga sessions for different needs and abilities. Sometimes I have to modify some of the poses and that’s okay. I hope she helps!

      I WISH I was working from home. Our library hasn’t closed to the public yet. It’s very frustrating. I was off already Monday and Tuesday but here today. I don’t know what is going to happened so by the time you read this is may have changed. All the best to you and yours!

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  7. Oh my gosh, your photos make me miss Seattle so much! It’s filled with blossoming trees by the beginning of March every year. Of course, I’m glad we’re not there now, but Michigan is BROWN. With a grey sky. It is so dreary.

    I’m with you on not being able to read. I once had to take a drug that made almost everything I ate and drank taste like copper. It was horrible. I feel as if the current situation is doing the same thing to my mind. No matter what I read I can’t stay focused and I’m incredibly picky. So, like you I’m turning to TV. Soothing shows for me are Parks & Rec and The Good Place, but I also like bad ‘reality’ TV like Married at First Sight and the Real Housewives. They’re so over the top I can veg out completely.

    The libraries here closed last week. The governor was very proactive and everything from restaurants to churches is closed. I know it’s the right thing to do, but I think the economic toll of this virus is going to be much greater than the health toll. So many people without a safety net.

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  8. What a juicy looking library stack! But I hope, by the time you’re reading this comment, that your system has closed (ours has been closed for a week now – which started the day after they closed the schools). We’re allowed to go out for exercise, for food/groceries (restaurants are either closed or take-out only), for medical care/supplies, or to assist or access those things for people who can’t do so for themselves. We’re not where France is – yet? – but it’s certainly an adjustment.

    Comfort-viewing. Have you tried RuPaul’s Drag Race yet? I recommend starting at season nine to see if you like it and at least a couple of episodes if you’re new to the scene (now it’s on NF so you don’t have to subscribe to OutTv to watch). I’m thinking about rewatching them. ❤ I'm also watching a Danish drama, Borgen, which is sorta serious but super feministy and that's a great energy for right now.

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    1. Yes, we finally closed to the public Friday, thank goodness. Actually we are closed in total for now. So other than groceries and walks, I am staying home for the foreseeable future.
      I’m gonna have to try Rupauls’s Drag Race. Thanks for the recommendation!

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  9. The pictures of the flowers are so soothing!
    I am simply binge watching different YouTube videos ,writing blogs,catching up with friends through messages and after a lot of procrastination…
    I have started re-reading The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes in a hope that it will motivate me to read more books!
    As of now, I am only great at reading blogs and not books ;P

    Stay blessed and stay safe 🙂


  10. Thanks for this post,Laila. Its such a crazy time in the world right now. Almost sounds like we are trapped in a postapolyptic book. We had our first cases last week and its been crazy since. Haven’t been reading much but I’m distracting myself with Netflix and trying not to obssess with following the news updates. Take care x

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  11. This post makes me so happy. Thank you for writing it! I have been struggling to read at all. I agree with you– this should be about slowing down, finding peace, and being present with what our bodies and families need in our current environment. For some people, the world hasn’t changed much. But for others, it’s very different. We need to respect this.

    I love watching the world come together. I’ve been replacing my daily commute with Yoga (often with Adrienne! She makes me so happy) and watching tons of videos from performers coming together with live shows online. I know it will get worse yet before it gets better, but if we kee banding together like this, it will be manageable.

    Stay safe. Stay healthy. ❤

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  12. Hi Laila! I’m way behind on this conversation, but wanted to join it anyway. I’m glad to hear your library decided to close. Ours are all closed now, too. On e thing that’s different here, though, is that we’re not even close to having daffodils and tree blossoms. That tree is gorgeous! We have had some beautiful sunny days for walking, though. Walking feels so good these days.
    I love the baking show! I’ll have to check out those masterclasses. Have you watched the The Great Interior Decoration Challenge? I think that’s what it’s called. It’s almost as addictive as the baking show.

    Off to catch up on your more recent posts, too! You might have noticed my blog has been very quiet. I’m just now trying to check in with everyone and say hi!

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    1. I’m so glad you checked in, Naomi. And that you’re able to take walks! I’ve been taking a lot of walks too, and I am so grateful for my safe neighborhood. I haven’t tried Great interior Decorating Challenge but that sounds like something I should check out! Glad you’re well and here.

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