2020 Reading Goal Check In

Let me start this post by paraphrasing something I saw and loved on Instagram this week. You’re not required to be productive in a FREAKING PANDEMIC. Full stop. Okay, now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk 2020 reading goals. It’s almost the end of March, which means that the year is almost 1/4 through!

My four reading goals for this year are:

  1. Read 20 nonfiction titles
  2. Reread four favorite books.
  3. Read 12 titles from my Classics Club list.
  4. Read more authors of color (higher than last year’s pitiful 18%.)

I’m psyched to say that so far I’m on track with all of my goals. I’ve read eight nonfiction titles, and reread one book (Sylvia Boorstein’s It’s Easier Than You Think.) I’ve read three Classics Club books, and so far my authors of color is at a better 24%.

I’m toying with rereading a Jane Austen novel soon, as they are the ultimate in comfort reading for me. And this lady needs some comfort reading! I haven’t read Persuasion in a long time so that might be the one.

What’s my favorite read so far this year? Ugh, it’s tough. It’s either Your House Will Pay by Steph Cha or Crossing to Safety by Wallace Stegner. Or The Singer’s Gun by Emily St. John Mandel. OR Christy Harrison’s Anti-Diet. Too hard!

One thing I’ve loved so far this year are the great books my son and I have been reading together. So far my favorites are Fudge-a-Mania by Judy Blume and Mac Cracks the Code by Mac Barnett.

I hope you all are staying safe and healthy, able to take walks outside or do yoga or something else to clear your mind, and able to pry yourselves away from the news. It’s hard for me but I’ve been a bit better about not constantly checking news or Twitter. I’ll leave you with something hilarious I found on a friend’s Instagram story. It’s a Choose Your Recluse chart using famous movie characters. I think I’m a cross between Boss Lady and Sloppy Wizard. Which recluse are you?

34 thoughts on “2020 Reading Goal Check In

  1. Great post! I’m glad you are reminding me about taking a goal check because I usually do mid year and end of year. But with everything that’s going on, I can plan some time to evaluate things.

    Congrats on doing so well so far. I’ve been planning to read my last few Austens (MP, NA and Sanditon) before I go to reread Persuasion. Persuasion is my favorite so far.

    My favorite read this year would be a book I finished a last week, The Warmth of Other Suns by Isabel Wilkerson. It’s about the Great Migration of black people to other parts of the US in an attempt to flee Jim Crow south.

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    1. I have had The Warmth of Other Suns on my bookshelf for three years now! I know the size is what keeps me from picking it up. But I think now is probably the perfect time to start it. Maybe a short daily reading goal, x amount of pages a day.

      I did start my reread of Persuasion last night. I think it’s the perfect kind of thing to read before bed.

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  2. Gosh, you’re right, the year is 1/4 over! I usually only do these looking-back posts at the end of June, but it’s fun to see what’s stood out for you from 2020 so far. Congratulations on the good progress towards your goals! I have done more rereading than ever, which I call a win. My current Anne Lamott reread has been an especially good companion.

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  3. You’ve made such good progress so far and yay for all that nonfiction!! I only loosely set goals, thankfully, because my reading has been slower than slow but I had a big move and a lot of stress around it so only so much to do there. Then of course the current state. The recluse chart is cracking me up!!

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  4. Well done! And an Austen re-read sounds like the perfect comfort read.

    Hahaha! Well, secretly I’m probably Slimy Dark but obviously I could never admit to that, so I’ll say I’m The Grumps instead… 😉

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  5. Lol!! I love the Horny Ghost one, but I’m a mixture of the Sloppy Wizard, Boss Lady, and the Grumps.
    That’s awesome that you’re on track with your goals. I thought this would be a good year for me but it’s already off to a rough start and I was in a slump the past couple weeks that I’m just now emerging from.

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  6. Well done you with your goals! I have completely forgotten all my goals and also possibly everything that has happened to me before, like, a week ago. These are very strange times indeed! But I have used this quarantine to learn to make risotto, tear down some vexing vines that had begun to climb up my outside wall and cause problems, and washed some whites with bleach, which heretofore I had been too terrified to do. So, despite forgetting my reading goals, I have done okay at other things. 😛

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  7. I think I’m a mix of Boss Lady and Lonely Bot, though I do have some Grumps. 😀

    My sister-in-law was telling me that she found some kids yoga on YouTube, and her children love it! Does your son want to do yoga? It might be fun to do the kid version. I can’t remember how old your son is. Ten? If he’s into chapter books, I do know that every Katherine Paterson book changed my life, most notably The Great Gilly Hopkins. I’d never even thought of foster care before that book.

    If you’re interested in Jane Austen but don’t necessarily want to re-read something, check out Amal’s e-books, which are inspired by Jane Austen (and one by Anne of Green Gables). There’s actually one based on Persuasion. Here is the link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/25773200-amelia-elkins-elkins

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  8. hahah I love that! I think I’m a cross between boss lady and the hanky. I’m secretly proud of all the money I’m saving, and I’m trying to frantically get work done while my youngest naps LOL

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  9. That chart is awesome. I veer between Boss Lady and Hanky. I agree about the productive part but it is much easier for me to reassure everyone around me that they should be kind to themselves than it is for me to take the advice. I hate feeling helpless, but have not come up with a way to help.

    My two favorite books of the year so far are: Untamed and Valentine. Both of which I would give 10 stars if such a thing existed. Both of which I have bought (which you know we librarians do not often do!).

    Thank you for this- you made me smile!

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    1. So glad to make you smile! I feel helpless too but am trying to remind myself that my job right now is to stay away from other people as much as possible and help flatten the curve. I am sure that there will be more opportunities for me to do more in the future.

      I will start Untamed soon! As soon as I finish the memoir I’m reading currently.


  10. Your introduction!! I just wrote a post about that. (Which I know you already commented on, but I haven’t gotten there yet. <3) I've just been crushed mentally with everyone being so productive lately and I find my productivity starting to lag. My brain is just getting more and more lethargic and disinterested as we get further and further into the pandemic. #ExtrovertTrapped

    Great work on your goals! I'm really impressed that you're already 40% done with your nonfiction goal. I am planning to read 20 Newbery winners this year and I've only read 1 so far. Oops. I had best work on that ASAP!

    I've started tracking my POC authors this year for the first time. I'm only at 20% so far, and I'm nervous I'm just on an early lead. This is harder than I expected with all my book clubs!

    Hm. I am a tie between Boss Lady and Lonely Bot, but a bit more Lonely Bot. 😉

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  11. LOL That’s fun! I’m in the middle of a few, big on the self-improvement plans (cuz more time without needing to go out, although some things like grocery shopping are taking more time but only once each week) AND houseplants AND I”m about to cut my own hair (any day now).

    Congrats on keeping up with your goals and keeping up with checking the stat’s. I’ve only checked one category so far (the non-fiction) but I’ll get to the rest next week (or that’s the plan — my haircut might take longer than expected – the angsting over it, I mean).

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      1. Hah. Actually I had just gotten it cut a few days before lockdown, too, but I got it cut shorter than I’ve had it in many years; I’ve been keeping it longer because I couldn’t afford the cost of upkeep on a shorter do, but I was feeling very optimistic in that moment. Now i wish I had taken a picture when it looked like it was supposed to look! *rolls eyes* So, um, no, no picture. For sure, no picture.

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